East Africa
Ceri and Mum's Trips to visit our Compassion UK sponsored children.

Here you can follow our trip to Ghana and Burkina Faso to visit Ceri's two children sponsored through Compassion UK, and learn more about the work of Compassion in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

About Compassion UK

Compassion UK is an evangelical Christian organisation that seeks to release children in the developing world from poverty, through child sponsorship.  It is Christ-centred, Child-focused and Church-based.

For more information about Compassion UK, visit www.compassionuk.org



Tuesday 24 July

Fly London, UK to Accra, Ghana, (British Airways).

Wednesday 25 July

Visit Mercy, Ceri's Compassion UK sponsored child in Accra.

Thursday 26 July

Free day in Accra.

Friday 27 July

Take a bus from Accra to Cape Coast.

Saturday 28 July

In the morning, visit the slave castle in cape Coast.  In the afternoon, take a bus to Elimina.  Visit the slave castle.  Spend some time on the beach before returning by bus to Cape Coast.

Sunday 29 July

Go to church in Cape Coast. 

Monday 30 July

Take a bus from Cape Coast to Kumasi.

Tuesday 31 July

Free day in Kumasi.  Optional trip to the village of Bonwire to see Kente cloth weavers at work.

Wednesday 01 August.

Take an overnight bus from Kumasi to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Thursday 02 August.

Arrive in Ouagadougou.  Sleep!

Friday 03 August.

Free day in Ouagadoudou.  Optional full day visit to Koudougou.

Saturday 04 August

Visit Grace, Ceri's Compassion UK sponsored child in Ouagadougou.

Sunday 05 August

Go to church in Ouagadougou.

Monday 06 August

Tuesday 07 August

Wednesday 08 August

Fly from Accra, Ghana to London, UK, (British Airways).

Thursday 9 August

Arrive home in the UK.

Please click on 'Blog' for updates.

In our 'Blog' you can also read about our trip to East Africa - Kenya and Tanzania - in April 2006.


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